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11.28.2018 | Responsibility

Allergan Statement Regarding Breast Implants

Patient safety is Allergan’s highest priority and we continue to collaborate with clinicians, societies and global health authorities to advance research, understanding and awareness about breast implant effectiveness and safety.
The safety profile of Allergan’s breast implants is supported by extensive pre-clinical device testing, more than a decade of worldwide clinical use, as well as a large number of peerreviewed and published studies. Global health authorities, with information provided by manufacturers and a variety of other sources, have continuously evaluated the use of breast implants in patients, including monitoring adverse event reports, reviewing post-marketing studies and available scientific literature, and communicating clearly to physicians and patients when new information has become available. Based on available scientific information, global health authorities and manufacturers are not requiring any change in implant availability, current practice, post-implant care and check-ups.
Patients are advised to have a thorough discussion with their plastic surgeon about the risks and benefits of each implant type to make a fully informed decision. Allergan supports informed consent for patients, and the company has included appropriate information in the surgeon Directions for Use and patient information leaflets to aid in an effective consultation and patient/physician discussion around the risks and benefits. 
As with all Allergan products, we are committed to innovation that improves patient outcomes. We will continue to explore innovation for implants to provide the best possible product and outcomes to physicians and patients.